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Seeker - WCR (World Cynosport Rally) 2019 Rankings top 20 in the Country,  RLVX class!!

Ben - March 2020 - AKC Rally Advanced Title!

Zorak - RLI Intro Title.  High-Combined Award.  November 2019. 

Ben - RL2 Title, First Place Perfect Score!  November 2019.

Seeker - Vet Championship RLVX9 and RLVX10!  November 2019.

Seeker - Vet Championship RLVX8!  September 2019.

Ben - RL1X Championship, placing Second + Fourth, August 2019. 

Seeker - Vet Championship RLVX7!  Two First Place perfect scores, High-Combined Award,  August 2019.

Congrats to Seeker  - WCR 2018 National Rankings #6 in the country in Veterans Level Championship Class.

Welcome Walker, Texas Ranger, March 2019.

Seeker - Vet Championship RLVX6!  Two First Place perfect scores, March '19.

Congrats to Seeker  - Vet Championship RLVX5!  Two First Place Perfect Scores and High-Combined!! November 2018.

Way to go Floyd - two double QQ's towards ARCHX and perfect score! November 2018. 

Seeker, Ben, Yondu - October 2018 - AKC Novice Trick Titles!

Ben - July 2018 - AKC Rally Intermediate Title!

Floyd - June 2018 - AKC Rally Excellent RE Title, back to back weekends all First Place finishes!!

Ben - June 2018 - AKC Rally Novice Title.

Floyd - May 2018 - WCR ARCH Championship.

Seeker - World Cynosport Rally 2017 National Rankings Top 20 in the Country!!    

Floyd - CPE Agility Fun Games Title - February 2018.   

Welcome Yondu June 2017.    

Ben - WCR High Combined Puppy Class - August 2017.   

 Welcome Zorak December 2017.      

Started competing in performance sports in  2010.   We  have competed at National Levels in many venues and have titled multiple dogs in Agility, Barn Hunt, Herding, Lure Coursing,  Rally and Tricks.        

My dogs are Nationally Ranked in the Country since 2012.  We have earned many High-Combined Honors and Awards of Excellence (AOE).