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Class Descriptions...

Agility Fun - Level 1: 5 week class: The goal of this class is to have fun and increase the relationship with your dog. You will be introduced to a variety of agility obstacles such as jumps, tunnels, pause table, chute, a-frame, tire, ladder, seesaw, and dog walk. 

Prerequisite: Completion of  basic beginner 1, equivalent,  or Instructor approval. 


AKC Star Puppy – 6 weeks: This class is open to dogs up to one year of age. The STAR Puppy program consists of 20 steps for owner and puppy behavior. These will include ensuring proper daily play time and exercise, proper ID tags, maintaining their health, handling, grooming, comfortable with collar, lead or appropriate training harness, allow petting by others and more. All 20 steps are listed  at bottom of Classes page. 

Basic Beginner Level 1: 6 weeks:  Open to dogs 6 months of age or older.

Learn entry level obedience commands such as Come, Down, Place, Sit, Stay, Touch as you discover how to communicate with your dog, walk on a loose lead keeping them focused on you and building the connection you share with your dog. 

Basic Beginner Level 2: 6 weeks: Enhance your obedience skills and build on your basic beginner 1 commands with distractions, recall, sit/down stays and turns.  Learn how to combine multiple commands in sequence to challenge your dog’s learning abilities.  

Prerequisite:  Completion of  basic beginner 1 class. 

Confident Puppy 1: 5 week class: Open to dogs 5 – 14 months old. This class is designed to create  confidence in your pup, help them learn balance and coordination and spend special time with your companion.  Dogs will be familiarized with different obstacles such as perches, wobble board, ladder, ramps, planks, low-level jumps, tunnels, and tables. 


Confident Puppy 2 : 5 week class: This class keeps building your dog’s confidence while you have fun with your dog. Short sequences of obstacles will be set up to challenge your dog’s abilities. 

Prerequisite: Completion of Confident Puppy 1. 

Dog/Puppy Social: a great experience for young pups and older dogs too, especially ones recently adopted or re-homed.  Owners and dogs will have access to appropriate toys and equipment and remain on lead. This is a beneficial way to introduce your puppy or newly acquired dog to different things and start good dog social skills while working in a safe environment. This is not a training session, group is supervised. 

Get M.A.D. - 4 week class:  Manners, Attention, Discipline – The foundation work of good training starts with the basics of learning attention, manners, and discipline. Get clear communication with your dog as you gain attention and train wanted behaviors. 

Puppy Starter 1: 6 weeks: Open to dogs 3 - 7 months of age. 

Teach your dog skills you can use thru all your training years. This is a great class for young dogs to begin social skills and manners. Course will consist of crate manners, house breaking, proper play and address behaviors as jumping, mouthing/biting and others.  Games and tricks keep this class fun and exciting. Starter commands consist of Drop/Loose, Heads-Up, Leave-It, Squish, Wait, Mine/Yours and more.  


Puppy Starter 2: 6 weeks: Continue your skills learned in our Starter 1 course, ‘wait, attention exercises, drop, leave-it, adding more challenges for you and your puppy. We will add more recall steps for your puppy to come, sit with a food lure, allow for touching ears and feet, and games to keep training fun. 

Prerequisite: Completion of Puppy Starter 1. 

P2 Squared – 4 weeks. Perches & Platforms are great ways to help teach our dogs to work with distance, duration, and distractions while training. This class works all dogs on perches and platforms improving and strengthening training commands to help gain focus and proof your work.  

Rally: 6 week class: Rally is a fun sport for handlers and dogs alike. Teams navigate a course of numbered signs and exercises such as left turns, right turns, sits, downs, circles, spirals, figure 8, jumps, and much more. Great for developing trust in the dog/handler relationship. Levels Intro/Novice thru Masters/Level 3 taught for AKC and WCR (World Cynosport Rally).

Scent Work: 6 week class: Develop your dog's natural scenting abilities, use their desire to hunt, increase confidence, encourage mental stimulation and physical motivation. Each dog works independently one at a time, other class dogs must be crated out of the area or in the car. A good class for all dogs including timid, shy and reactive dogs that will use their nose and channel their energy in a positive way. 

Tricks 1 Novice: 4 week class: Get involved with your dog and just have some fun. Learn some of these tricks: jump thru a hoop, Find a treat, Fetch a ball or toy, walk on a balance beam, paws up, spin, touch/target, tunnel, push- ups , and many more.  We will teach ten(10) tricks out of the 20 listed below for novice level in AKC. Trick testing fee additional. 

Walking Rover: 4 week class: Does your dog tug, pull and drag you down the street? These sessions will start you on your way to simple ways to help make the walk more enjoyable and pleasant for you and your dog. Exercise is an important part of your dog’s daily routine, make it something you both look forward to.   


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