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Day Train Program

Day Training for dogs & puppies

One hour assessment:   $80.00

90 Minute Training Session: $125.00

Monthly pass: $475.00 – this option is best for consistency ($25.00 savings). If you purchase four (4) sessions in a monthly pass they must be used in the same month. There are no rollovers of unused days. 

Day Training is a new service where we offer in-house training at your home.

Our program can help you and your dog get the proper training they need with good manners and basic skills such as wait, sit, come when called, down, walking niely on lead, place, and more. 

The goal of this program is to reinforce basic obedience skills and manners. Dogs can get the most benefit from this program if lessons are  once a week. 

Did you just get a puppy and they need some manners? Have you adopted a dog and want basic training? Have you always wanted to bring your dog to class but just don’t seem to have the time? 

Please call 973-934-7529 or email: westmilforddog@gmail.com to schedule your preliminary one hour assessment.


Your dog will receive several short training sessions per visit to learn and maintain the skills they need.

They are not home alone and bored. 

Your dog will be a happy relaxed companion that is a joy to be around.