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“A dog has one aim in life. To bestow his heart.”

Training Experience...

A little bit about Jen Basile ...  Growing up and living in rural Passaic County NJ has greatly influenced and impacted my love for animals and my passion for dogs. 


My family saved two abandoned dogs in 1970 which was my first insight into rescue dogs, I am proud to have had many rescues for over 47 years.  With these dogs my experience, skills, and talents for understanding the individual dog has been my greatest strength and has given me the ability to train with compassion and respect. 

I  started working with shelter dogs in 1980.  I saw many dogs being “done away with” due to miscommunications between owners and dogs. I  decided to make a difference and help these dogs.  

Professional Dog Trainers Course:

Canine Behavioral Institute,   Marshalls Creek, PA   

Advanced Training - Belgian Ring Sport   

Special Intensive Seminars:   

Character and Temperament, Reflexes, Instinct and Drive,  

The Vicious Circle of Human-Canine Relationships,  Training & Discipline, Raising the Perfect Dog  

K9 NoseWork Intro/Odor Seminar  

K9 Nosework Training Camp/Instructor Education Day

Reiki Level I and II Practitioner 

Free Shaping Seminar  

Fenzi Seminars/Dog Sports Academy:

Drives and Motivation for Obedience

Drives and Motivation 

Heeling Games, Precision Heeling, Playing with Prey Drive   

Cappy Pruett Stock Dog Training:  Sheep/Cattle Herding Clinics 2012 to present.  Attended Herding Clinics with Kyle Smith,  Diane Sobel-Meyer,

and Jean Barrett .   

Certified Evaluator:  AKC Canine Good Citizen,  AKC Trick Dog

Retired Therapy Dog Evaluator: Bright & Beautiful Therapy Dogs.  


Competed in the following dog sports and organizations:

Agility:   AKC, CPE (Canine Performance Events)

Barn Hunt Association

Herding:  AHBA (American Herding Breed Association), AKC 

Rally:  AKC, WCR (World Cynosport Rally)

Associations past/present with Rescue Groups:

Belgian Tervuren Rescue, Belgian Sheepdog Rescue

Warwick Vally Humane Society, Warwick NY

Basset Hound Rescue (NJ, NY, PA)

Pet Adoption League (Warren County NJ)

Bergen County Animal Shelter (NJ)

Providing foster care for homeless pets since 1994 

American Red Cross Certificate - Pet First Aid

Registered Bright & Beautiful Therapy Team since 2007 

Department for Persons with Disabilities - Pet Therapy    NJ 

Developmental Center Volunteer – Visiting Pet Program

                  Working with dogs since 1980